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What is a concussion?

A concussion is basically a bruise on your brain. If you hit your head hard enough, (not that I'm saying you should) your brain can move and hit the inside of your skull. Sinc ( Full Answer )
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Do you have a concussion?

(I ment do I have a concussion) I was making a video and I bent down and stood up rely fast and hit my head on this thick tree branch. I heard some crumbling noise from my h ( Full Answer )
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What are the levels of a concussion?

The levels of a concussion are referrred to as Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.. Grade 1: Temporary disorientation, no loss of consciousness, all symptoms clear up in less than ( Full Answer )
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How do you get concussion?

by being hit on the head, can some times being hit hard or not. It can be bad, you normally are feeling dizzy and can be knocked out for a few seconds or so before !
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What can you do for a concussion?

The best thing to do after receiving a concussion is to sit down.This is because many people become dizzy after it happens. Contacta doctor, and avoid unnecessary movement, an ( Full Answer )
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Concussion is massage okay after concussion?

Answer Well first if it does not hurt a massage is OK. Second what are you going to massage. If it is person's head, they will let you now when to stop. Also if you go to www ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when you have concussion?

Adult should not go in to work for 5 weeks or only go in to work 3 day a week cause , work is stressful, and you could cause more damage and tension to your head. If you are ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if you have concussion?

Concussion is a trauma condition in which the brain is violently shaken against the skull. This causes swelling and contusion of the brain. Signs and symptoms of concussion ( Full Answer )
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Is there a cure for a concussion?

The only "cure" for a concussion is time. Answer If you go to a web site called it might be what you are looking for to help your friend.
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Can you get a concussion in football?

Yes you can get a concussion by playing football that if you get hit really hard and or are not wearing your proper gear. I should know i play football fro my school team.