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What is a condenser?

Answer . It is another name for a capacitor. . Answer . A radiator through which refrigerant passes and gives up it's thermal energy.
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What is BE Condensate?

BE condensate is the state of matter below solids, like plasma is above gases. It only occurs at absolute zero(0˚ Kelvin, -273.15˚ Celsius, -459.67˚ Fa (MORE)
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What is a condensation?

condensation is when your water/beverage bottle is cold and the liquid that comes off the side is condensation.
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What is condensate?

The liquid formed by the condensation of a vapor; in steam heating, water is condensed from steam; in air conditioning, water is extracted from air. . For the source and mo (MORE)
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What is condense?

1. To reduce the volume or compass of. 2. To make more concise; abridge or shorten.
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What is condensation?

Condensation is the word that refers to the action of thewater vapor from the atmosphere when it is changed into liquidwater due to the change in pressure and temperature.
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What is condenseation?

Conensation is the process in which gas turns into a liquid state. It is considered the opposite of evaporation, which turns liquids into gas.
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What does condensed?

It means to make something smaller and denser. In cooking, it is usually liquids that are referred to as 'condensed'.
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What does condense?

Make (something) denser or more concentrated or Thicken (a liquid) by reducing the water content, typically by heating: "condensed soup".
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What is condensates?

It is any liquid formed by condensation. Like the inside of your windows in the winter. Where the room is warm but the outside is cold, there will be moisture forming on the g (MORE)