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What is condensation?

Condensation is the word that refers to the action of the  water vapor from the atmosphere when it is changed into liquid  water due to the change in pressure and temperatur (MORE)

What does the condenser do in the distributor?

  Controls the amount of voltage that is supplied to the points. This prevents the points from burning out prematurely.
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What is the function of condenser?

The condenser allows for the radiation of the refrigerants heat  away from the vehicle. While this radiation is happening the  refrigerant changes (condenses) from gas to li (MORE)

What does condensing mean?

Condensing is when a substance undergoes a phase transition from the gas phase to the liquid phase.
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What is synchronous condenser?

A synchronous condenser is physically an electric generator/motor without a mechanical power source. Electrically a synchronous condenser changes the timing between rise and (MORE)

What is condensation polymerisation?

      Condensation polymerisation is when two molecules of the same substance (monomer) react together to form polymer chain (like polythene) and eliminate a small (MORE)

Why is there condensation?

Condensation is a natural phenomen. Condensation is a change of state process between the vapor and liquid states of matter. Condensation of a vapor into a liquid state occurs (MORE)