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Is lettuce a condiment?

Lettuce is not a condiment. A condiment is a sauce, seasoning, or  paste added to food to give it flavour. Mustard is an example of a  condiment.
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How long do condiments last after opening?

If kept refrigerated, they'll hold up for a year. They should be discarded after that. If they discolor under refrigeration after a while, they should be discarded then.
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What is the difference between spices and condiments?

Usually spices are an ingredient used to season a dish in the meal  during its preparation and condiments are for using at the table to  enhance the dish as each individual' (MORE)
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NaCi is the chemical symbol for what commun condiment?

  Nothing. There is no element with the symbol Ci.   If you mean, NaCl - then the answer is table salt.   Na being the symbol for sodium and Cl being the symbol for (MORE)