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What condition is excellent condition?

When you are completley healthy and you have no problems whatsoever. Usually you reach this place in a place you love, a peacful moment, or meditating. Its quite a good place (MORE)

What is a condition?

A condition is when there is something wrong with you that is not working normally it can be your brain or your heart or any other organs in your body that are not working nor (MORE)

What is conditioning?

Conditioning is causing an orginism to exhibit a specific response to a stimulus. \n. --------------------------------------------------- \n. Conditioning is a learning tha (MORE)
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Design condition of air conditions?

I think you are asking about "standard" air. It is 80 degrees F. dry bulb, 67 degrees F. wet bulb. (about 50% relative humidity). 29.92 barometric pressure. its a specific cas (MORE)

What is condition?

A Condition is how your body feels when you are sick. Additional answer Also a condition is the state of something. Like the car's in a rusty condition, or the shoes are in (MORE)
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What is conditions?

The term conditions refers to the state or circumstances of aperson, thing, or an environment.