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What are the conditions for burning?

for burning to take place basically you need oxygen which will not directly take part in the combustion but will help sustain the burning, and most obviously you need a source (MORE)

What is a condition in excel?

A condition is a criteria that helps the spreadsheet make a decision. So if you had a list of exam results and you wanted to put the words Fail or Pass beside each result, bas (MORE)
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What is conditioning in volleyball?

Conditioning in volleyball can range from running a mile everyday before practice to doing box jumps to improve the vertical jump. Most conditioning is focused to strengthen t (MORE)
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What are aseptic condition?

To ensure aseptic conditions, there are few steps that must be followed. Such steps would include keeping your work bench clean to avoid accidents and to reduce the amount of (MORE)

How do you condition your pitbull?

Pit Bulls can be conditioned by hand walking, running a treadmill, dragging weight, swimming, a variety of exercises. Different exercises work different muscle groups, and bui (MORE)

What are Anoxic conditions?

A condition in which Oxygen is only available in a combined form swuch as Nitrate, Nitrite or SO4 in aqueous environment.....
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What are the conditions in a tundra?

A tundra is characterized by cold conditions, with an annual average temperature of 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). Precipitation (mostly in the form of snow) is le (MORE)

What is operational conditioning?

Operational conditioning,(also known as instrumental conditioning) is a condition that parents use a lot. The point of this conditioning is rewarding your child for every time (MORE)

What is a civil condition?

The civil condition is something described by philosopher Immanuel  Kant. It refers to being reassured that one is safe from others in  society, as a result of a superior po (MORE)