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What is a Boolean condition?

A boolean is a value which can either be true or false. A boolean condition is mathematical equation where the result is a boolean (either true or false). Often used in progra (MORE)

What is superstitious conditioning?

Superstitious Conditioning is when the organism is rewarded (or removal of punishment) while performing a response, and even though the response and reward aren't related, the (MORE)

What is conditioning?

Conditioning is causing an orginism to exhibit a specific response to a stimulus.   ---------------------------------------------------   Conditioning is a learning tha (MORE)

What is affective conditioning?

Affective Conditioning is the transfer of our feelings from one set of items to another. It is commonly used in advertising and is the belief that if you advertise your produc (MORE)

What is conditional evidence?

Evidence produced by a specific event oraction; important in crime scene reconstruction and in determining the set of circumstances or sequence within a particular event Anoth (MORE)

What is equal condition?

Equality of condition describes a state in which people have a  similar amount of material wealth or in which the general economic  conditions of their lives are similar.
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What is conditional love?

Conditional love is love that is based on something. For example if  you love someone because they are beautiful, and then they lose  their looks in an accident, and you no (MORE)
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What is a conditional verb?

Modal verbs (such as would, could, and should) are used to create conditional sentences. Conditional sentences need an if clause and a result clause. They usually, but not alw (MORE)