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Why is Condoleezza Rice famous?

Condoleezza Rice is most famous for being the first black female  Secretary of State. She was first part of the Reagan administration  on the National Security Council.

Who are George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice?

George W. Bush was the president before Mr. Obama. Mr. Bush was a Republican, and similar to Mr. Obama in that he was a very polarizing and controversial figure. Dr. Rice is a (MORE)

Is Condoleezza Rice married?

  Condoleezza Rice is unmarried, but was temporarily engaged to professional football player Rick Upchurch.She is hoping to get married.
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How can you turn minute rice into sticky rice or fried rice?

to make minute rice into fried rice, all you have to do is cook it  and then fry it afterwards in a pan with a little soy sauce and  butter. as for the sticky rice, this is (MORE)
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What is condoleezza rice known for?

Condoleezza Rice is known as the first black woman to hold the post of National Security Advisor. She was also the first African American provost of Stanford University.
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What nutrients does rice have?

Some of the nutrrients that rice has are dietary fibre, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Protein, and Carbohydrates.
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Is rice a fruit?

yes rice is a fruit   rice is the fruit of the plant it comes off of
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What obstacles did Condoleezza Rice overcome?

Condoleezza Rice grew up in Alabama during the Jim Crow era. She  had to adjust her life to using "colored" facilities, lack of hotel  and restaurant access, and missing sch (MORE)