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What is a conductor?

The metal "copper" is a called a conductor (of electricity) but also a person who "conducts an orchestra and/or a choir" or "someone who manages a bus or a train" are also cal ( Full Answer )
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What are conductors?

Conductors are materials whose atoms have valence electrons operating in energy levels that permit them (the electrons) to be moved easily. Remember that current flow is like ( Full Answer )
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Electrons are emitted from a conductor when the conductor is?

>bombarded by high-speed electrons That's like saying "water comes out of a pipe when water is poured into the pipe" Conductors don't EMIT electrons (any more than any mat ( Full Answer )
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What does a conductor do?

A conductor is the person who guides the band/orchestra in tempo, style, and many other factors that make music. Often times, he will use a baton or his hands and wave them in ( Full Answer )
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Who is a conductor?

a conductor in science is any material that transfers heat easily or conductor as a person leading you in a band
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What was a conductor?

A man on railroad trains that punched tickets and made sure everything on and inside the train was under control and in order.
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Why is a conductor a conductor?

Because it has enough 'free' electrons to pass the energy to it's neibouring electrons when heated or connected to an electrcial supply.
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What are conductor?

Conductors are things that transmit energy. The two main types of conductors are those that conduct heat, and those that conduct electricity. Metal is a very good therma ( Full Answer )
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Are mercury conductor or non conductor?

Thermal conductivity of Hg, mercury, at 300 K is 8.30 (W·m −1 ·K −1 ) which is rather good. Also the electric conductivity is very good, it is used in electi ( Full Answer )
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What is the conductor?

A conductor is something that conducts something. a substance,body, or device that readily conducts heat, electricity, sound,etc. A conductor is an employee on a bus, train, ( Full Answer )