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What is the origin of confection?

The origin of the word or the process? The word comes from Latin via Old French confectio - preparation. The process originally applied to apothecaries preparing medicines (MORE)

What rhymes with confection?

2 syllables: flexion, section. 3 syllables: advection, affection, brass section, collection, complexion, connection, convection, correction, cross section, defection, det (MORE)
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Can you substitute confection sugar for granulated sugar?

I'm afraid not. Although it seems like they should be interchangeable, confectioner's sugar actually absorbs water, whereas granulated sugar does not. If used in a baking reci (MORE)

What is an example of confection?

The noun 'confection' is a word for a dish or delicacy made withsweet ingredients. Some examples are: . cake . candy . fudge . macaroon . parfait . pastry . tiramisu
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What are the release dates for Confection - 2003?

Confection - 2003 was released on: USA: 4 May 2003 (Tribeca Film Festival) Denmark: 1 October 2003 (Buster Children's Film Festival) USA: 26 October 2003 (Chicago Inter (MORE)