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Who were the fathers of confederation?

Adams Archibald (Nova Scotia)George Brown (Canada)Alexander Campbell (Canada)F B T Carter (Newfoundland)George-Etienne Cartier (Canada)Edward Barron Chandler (New Brunswick)J (MORE)

What were the confederates fighting for?

The defense of their country (the Confederate States of America). They removed themselves from the United States because they were being severely taxed with very little repres (MORE)

Are the confederates racists?

  The Confederates were for the rights of the states being the premier power. The North believed that the Federal Government had power over the states. Slavery was only a (MORE)

What is 'Confederation'?

Confederation is a union of countries or nations with some defined political authority given to a central or federal authority. For Canada the details can be found in the Cana (MORE)

Reasons for confederation?

There were 6 reasons for the confederation which are:   1.Political Deadlock Led To The Great Coalition In The United Provinces Of Canada.     2.A railway linking th (MORE)

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What were the Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation was the original binding document of the United States and served as the supreme law of the land from March 1, 1781 until the ratification of the (MORE)

What was the Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation was the document that organized a  "perpetual Union" among the 13 states that had declared  independence. The Articles were in effect between M (MORE)

A confederal system?

One of the features of a confederal system is the diffusion of  power. Regional governments are allowed to set their own fiscal  policy. They may also adopt a common currenc (MORE)