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Why have confederation?

A confederation allows for a loose alliance of autonomous states in  coordinating external policy, but still allows for a large degree  of freedom in internal matters. Confe (MORE)

What is confederation?

The official definition for the word confederation is "an  organization that consists of a number of parties or groups united  in an alliance or league." hi jaquan    (MORE)

What is a confederation?

An association of independent groups for stated purposes. For example, the original conception of the United States was that it would be a confederation where each state would (MORE)

What is a Confederate?

A confederate, if you are referring to 1860's America, was typically a southerner who felt their rights were being violated by an oppressive industrial north and decided to fi (MORE)
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What was the Confederation?

the confederation was when three colonies joined to make 4 provinces. Quebec, Ontario, nova scotia and new brunswick. they became the dominion of Canada on July 1st 1876. the (MORE)

What is the confederate?

The confederate army was the south and the union army was the north. These armies fought in the civil war. The states against the states. Fighting over whether slavery was ri (MORE)

Why was the confederate army called confederate?

The Confederate States of America were a 'confederation' or loose association of states. The is very different from a federal system as we have today, where the majority of po (MORE)

What is 'Confederation'?

Confederation is a union of countries or nations with some defined political authority given to a central or federal authority. For Canada the details can be found in the Cana (MORE)