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What is a media conference?

A media conference is a conference held to invite the media to askquestions and publicize an event. This can be a celebrity, acompany or a sports figure. Anyone can have a med ( Full Answer )
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What is a conference vote?

Conference vote is structured for implementation at decision-making forums such as shareholder meetings, congresses where statutory rules are used for voting.
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What is web conference?

Web Conference- A videoconferencing session via the Internet. In order to interact with other participants, attendees use either a Web application or an application downloaded ( Full Answer )
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Importance of the Charlottetown conference conference?

The Charlottetown conference was important because it was planned only for the Maritime colonies except Newfoundland because they were thought to have no interest in a union. ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with confer?

words that rhyme with confer: blurr fur purr myrrh chauffeur sure monsieur prefer infer entrepreneur hope this helps :P
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What do you do at a conference?

At a conference, people will discuss matters that are relevant and are common to all attendants.
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What is perimeter and conference?

the perimeter is the boundary line of a shape, for example on a square it would be the total amount of the lengths of all four sides, if each side is 1 inch then the perimeter ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with confer in it?

To confer is to bestow some sort of honor, or to meet together in order to compare views. Here are some sentences. . The president will confer the medal of honor on the so ( Full Answer )
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How do you moderate a conference?

To moderate a conference the moderator has to coordinate between the sites that will participate on the conference.