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How do you get confidence?

1) Go out with mates/family 2) Face your fears and -: Talk to a stranger Go on a stage and act or something 3) Do the above YOur like this for a few reasons, IT COULD ( Full Answer )
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How can you get confidence?

Confidence is something you can't fake, you've truly got to believe in yourself for people to sense it, theres nothing to stop people giving you tips however ... Im guessin ( Full Answer )
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How can you be confident?

Believe in yourself , don't let anyone get you down and if you do a good job tell yourself you did . (Example : You get an A on a test "Good job Alex" or good job whatever you ( Full Answer )
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Different between confident and confidence?

Answer . CONFIDENCE . Confidence is an adjective and means to be sure of oneself.. Confidence is a noun and is the state of feeling of trust in another.
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How do you have confidence?

To have confidence, one must have faith in his or her self. Confidence is also a feeling of self-assurance, so it is always with you. It only comes out when you have enough st ( Full Answer )
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How can you be confidant?

be prepared - nothing boosts confidence better that being ready for whatever you have planned
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How To Be Confident?

you can do several thing to be confident. 1. keep thinking of positive things in your personality 2. keep thinking of positive things in your appearance 3. keep thinking ( Full Answer )
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What in confidence?

think that u r the best creation in this world on ur special aspect. know one thing . everyone s here for a purpose . so no one s considered waste. u see tha usage of u frm ur ( Full Answer )
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Why are we confident?

People can be confident, and some can be too confident (if you know what I mean). People that are confident are this because family members or friends support them, and give h ( Full Answer )
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Why do i have no confidence?

Because may be you are shy form people and can not speak in front of them. .