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What is a confidence monitor?

A video output device facing a speaker or presenter and displaying graphics or text that may be displayed behind the presenter or in another room, thus allowing the person to (MORE)
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How To Be Confident?

you can do several thing to be confident. 1. keep thinking of positive things in your personality 2. keep thinking of positive things in your appearance 3. keep thinking (MORE)

What is self confidence?

Self confidence is being able to conduct yourself clearly and with certainty in everything that you do.
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What is a noun for confide?

The noun forms of the verb to confide are confider,  confidence and the gerund, confiding.
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How do you get self-confidence?

You can get self confidence by learning to believe and trust in yourself and your own abilities. As with all learning you have to devote time and effort, but if you're consi (MORE)

Confidence in such reward build confidence?

  Confidence comes from knowing who you are. A feeling of self - assurance and self liking. Knowing that you can do whatever you want and act how you feel. Never thinking (MORE)

How does confidant differ from confident?

Although they both sound the same, they both mean different  things. A confidant is a close person in which you trust and can  tell personal details and things of a secretiv (MORE)

Why are we confident?

People can be confident, and some can be too confident (if you know what I mean). People that are confident are this because family members or friends support them, and give h (MORE)