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What is dhcp configuration?

DHCP stands for Dynamic host configuration protocol. DHCP is a piece of the TCP/IP protocol suite that handles the automatic assignment of IP addresses to clients.

How do you configure Diamond?

When a raw stone is turned over to a diamond cutter, the cutter inspects the stone to discover its colour and potential clarity, and then plans to cut the stone to highlight i (MORE)

What is configuration clues?

it is the agreement of the parts of something. It refers to the information given through the size and shape of the letters as well as through the length or the number of lett (MORE)

What is a Configuration Item?

A Configuration Item (CI) is any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT service . Information about each CI is recorded in a configuration record within (MORE)

What is a Configuration Model?

A Configuration Model is a model of the services, assets and the infrastructure that includes relationships between CIs, enabling other processes to access valuable informat (MORE)

What is a Configuration Baseline?

A Configuration Baseline is the configuration of a service, product or infrastructure that has been formally reviewed and agreed on, which thereafter serves as the basis for f (MORE)