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What was the Confiscation Act?

The Confiscation Acts were laws passed by the United States  government during the Civil War with the intention of freeing the  slaves still held by the Confederate forces i (MORE)

How do you use the word confiscated in a sentence?

To have something confiscated is to have it forcibly removed from your possession. I had my radio confiscated by the prison guards. Police confiscated my video collection (MORE)

What are properties?

Properties can be defined as specific states of matter and physical  properties are used to describe and observe matter. In science,  properties include gas, solid, or liqui (MORE)

Who owned the property that was confiscated by the federal government which later became Arlington National Cemetery?

  Answer   The mansion, which was intended as a living memorial to George Washington, was owned and constructed by the first president's adopted grandson, George Wash (MORE)
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Why are distributive property commutative property associate property and identity property called properties?

These are characteristics of the elements of algebraic structures, or algebraic sets. Each element in the set possesses these characteristics and that is why they are called p (MORE)
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What does the police department do with confiscated items?

They pack it up, label it and put it into a huge storage room full of evidence, drugs, weapons and other confiscated goods. Though there are chases of police officers stealing (MORE)