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What is conflict?

Coflict is a struggle between two opposite sides. Conflict is a problem in a book conflict means a disgreement/clash/untogetherness
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What is a conflict?

a conflict is a disagreement. a clash between opposing forces or opposing elements It means the problem
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Internal conflict and external conflict?

Hey im learning about internal and external conflict in school right now.! Internal conflict is the main problem in a story. External Conflict is a problem that is not so impo ( Full Answer )
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What if there was no conflict?

then every single day the world would be peacefull and Iraq and all the other contries want be fighting they would be getting along drinking a nice cold beer then they wouldn' ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have conflicts?

conflict occurs because individuals has different interests and also it is because political resources are distributed unequally
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What is internal conflict and external conflict?

Internal conflict is when the protagonist is conflicted about their decisions or situation. Ex. Billy wants to go to the party to seem cool, but knows that if he does, his bes ( Full Answer )
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Why is there a conflict?

Many reasons could cause conflicts. examples are: . The different view points on a subject, status, problem solution, ... etc . The desire of one side to have dominanance ov ( Full Answer )