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What is conformity?

Conformity can be defined as the compliance of rules or standards.Conformity is a social force that is used to influence behavior.
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What is a conformant screw?

First of all, its called a "confirmat" screw", other names are cabinet connecting screw, joint screw, and to a lessor degree a furniture screw. They are designed for "ONLY" pa (MORE)
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What is IP30 Conformity?

An IP rating determines the level of ingress protection thatthe device is rated for. Ingress protection ratings determine howdust-resistant and water-resistant a given devic (MORE)
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Conform to or conform with?

"Conform to" and "conform with" are synonyms. There is nodifference in meaning between the two phrases, thus they can beused interchangeably.
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What is faulty conformation?

Faulty conformation can be a number of things , but basically it's non-conformity to a breed standard set by a recognized group of authorities. Let's take dogs, for example, b (MORE)
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What is the definition of conformation?

The definition of conformation is usually the shape or structure of an organism such as an animal. It could also mean the arrangements of atoms in a molecule.
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What is doctrinal conformity?

Doctrinal conformity simply means that an individual or group's doctrinal/theological/religious beliefs and/or teachings are in substantial harmony with the broader community/ (MORE)
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What is private conformity?

Change of belifs that occurs when a person privately accepts the position taken by others
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What is organizational conformity?

Organizational conformity is a set of rules, norms, goals and missions shared by each part of an organization that do not change within.
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What is the conformity to God's will?

Don't think of it that way. "Conforming" to what others tell you. Believe what you feel is true. You will find there is no need to "Conform" because God does not want to force (MORE)