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Why was Confucius called Confucius?

"Confucius" is a Latinized version of Confucius' honorific title,  Kong Fuzi, which literally means "Teacher Kong," or "Empty  teacher." ("Kong" is a surname, while ''Fuzi" (MORE)

Why was Confucius important?

Confucius' wisdom was the foundation for a system of ideas called  Confucianism. He taught people how to live in an increasingly  complex world, but sticking to several fund (MORE)

Who was Confucius and what did he do?

Originally Confucianism could have been described as an ethical and  philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese  philosopher Confucius who lived betwee (MORE)

Who are Confucius parents?

Confucius's father is Kong He (孔纥), usually called Shu-liang He (叔梁纥) in Chinese historical books. He is a nobleman with battle merits in the kingdom Lu (鲁国).  (MORE)

Who is Confucius?

Confucius was an ancient Chinese Philosopher(Kong Qiu) who was born on September 28, 551 BC in Qufu, China. He died in 479 BC also in Qufu, China. He was the founder of Confuc (MORE)

Why did Confucius matter?

Because he has been the major influence on thinking about 'the  order of things' in all of China for the last many hundreds of  years. Today, the Communist leadership is act (MORE)