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Where was Carmen killed?

October 2006, the spooky story about a teen killed by a fall into a sewer after five other girls shoved her began circulating in e-mail and on MySpace. No adolescent girl na (MORE)

Who is Carmen Lee?

  She is a singer/songwriter of classic country/rockabilly music. More info can be found at:

Nicknames for felicity?

my name is also felicity and i ALWAYS get called fliss!! and sometimes issy!! or izzy
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Who is Felicity Fey?

Felicity Fey was an 18 year old model when she has started with her photos and vids on the net (2004). She had never done any hardcore. This is from her website: Age: 18 A (MORE)

How did Felicity end?

oddly, elaina dies and noel gets married, then,she went back in time so she could be together with noel instead of ben the whole time but she screwed up making it so elaina an (MORE)

What does Felicity mean?

Great happiness   It is the feeling of intense happiness, or something that brings  happiness, or the ability to find appropriate expression for ones  thoughts (e.g. fel (MORE)

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