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What does congeal mean?

  Congeal means a gaussian density within this space with mean and precision parameters ... paper have coined the term congealing to be "the simultaneous .
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What is congealed blood in legs and foot?

  Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): Is a blood clot (congealed blood) within a vein deep within the body. Symptoms include swelling; pain; tenderness and redness, most often at (MORE)

Is congealed salad good for you?

Some are and some aren't. If they have too much sugar they should be eaten sparingly. Some contain mayonaisse, cream cheese, or sour cream. These should also be eaten sparingl (MORE)

What congeals with water?

most forms of food starch congeal in water, some require hot water first, others will thicken cold water.
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