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What causes congealed crankcase oil?

if it is milky (like chocolate milk) then you've got water mixing with your oil - most likely as a result of a blown head gasket or cracked head (cha-ching) both are expensive (MORE)

If balsamic vinegar congeals in the bottle must it be discarded or can it be treated to liquefy it in some way and used?

That's know as "Mother of Vinegar," and is a result of fermentation of residual sugar in your not-so-fabulous balsamic vinegar. It is completely harmless. Strain the vinegar t (MORE)

My unopened unexpired container of organic whipping cream congealed at the top into something close to cream cheese but with a yellow cast and a greasier feel is it butter?

Heavy whipping cream will turn into butter if and only if it is  whipped for a long time with an electric mixer. It will not just  turn into butter without the whipping acti (MORE)