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What countries border Zaire?

Zaire borders nine countries History Lesson first, Zaire was renamed the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1997. The Democratic Republic of the Congo borders the Central (MORE)

What country is the Zaire Basin in?

The Zaire Basin is actually included with the Congo basin and is called The Congo/Zaire River Basin. It stretches over nine countries. Listed are all the countries the basin i (MORE)

Which item has the greatest impact on its country and why Zaire?

So this is out of my textbook:    "Of all the European possessions in Africa, one of the most  exploited was the Belgian Congo. Belgium had ruthlessly plundered  the (MORE)

Which country is formerly known as Zaire?

The country formerly called Zaire changed in 1997 to the Democratic Republic of Congo, D.R. Congo, or D.R.C. It is also called Congo-Kinshasa (Kinshasa being the capital.) Thi (MORE)

Where is Zaire?

  Zaire is now known as Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa, on the Equator.
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