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Do you believe that God expects us to congregate in a building and donate money to an organization to be saved or does God take in all his children for having faith in him?

Going to church and giving money are independent of salvation. You cannot buy your salvation, neither is it a reward for church attendance. Clearly, a total non-believer could (MORE)
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Where do Muslims congregate?

Muslims gather five times a day in their local mosque for performing their daily prayers in congregation. In addition, there is also a much larger congregation of millions o (MORE)

Why are the doctrines pertaining to Jesus Christ the most crucial for the Christian faith?

There are many scriptures that answer that question. Here are a  few. John 17:3, John 3:16, Philippians 2:5-11.  Philippians 2:9,10 reads "For this very reason also God exal (MORE)

How do you have faith?

Faith simply means believing. We all believe in something, some people believe the answer is how much money they have... I put my faith in Jesus Christ, the living word of (MORE)

What is faith?

Faith is believing something. It is an important part of all major  religions.    ANSWER   Faith is a noun, one that denotes action. One must actively take  steps (MORE)

Why does the congregation sing the hymns by ''lining''?

They sing the hyms by "lining" because they are a poor black church. during this time period, blacks were not very well educated, so many couldn't read. calpurnia was one of t (MORE)

What is faith to you?

If you know something (truth) without doubt or to know a truth from a person who had already got the truth is FAITH. According to   # Confident belief in t (MORE)

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