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What was the Congress of Vienna?

It was a conference held in Austria to settle political and territorial questions arising from the Napoleonic Wars and to restore a balance of power in Europe.
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What does the congress do?

The US Congress, which is made up of two separate bodies, the House of Representative and the Senate, makes all federal law. These laws determine the amounts of taxes, set up (MORE)

What do Whips do in Congress?

  The so-called "whip" in Congress is the person chosen by each political party to be the one to organize action on particular matters before the Congress on behalf of tha (MORE)

Appeal to congress?

Individuals as well as representatives themselves have the ability  to be heard and appeal to Congress. Appeals can be made by  petitioning the Congress or its members and t (MORE)

Where does congress live?

The United States Congress' representatives can live all over the country, while some live in temporary apartments or houses close to the Capitol building, which is where they (MORE)

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