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What is the Verona mite?

Perhaps you mean Varroa Mite? It's a tiny insect that lives parasitically on honey bees. In countries where the Varroa Mite is not indigenous, the honey bees have not natural (MORE)

How far from Venice to Verona?

  If you mean by car, it takes about one hour (A1 motorway). By train, you have a few option, from the faster Eurostar train (about 75 minutes) to the slower Regionale (2 (MORE)

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How many airports are in Verona Italy?

Verona has one airport. It is called Verona Airport. However, nearby is the Brescia/Montichiari Airport and the Vicenza Airport.
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What is the Geography of Verona Italy?

Verona is situated in northern Italy alongside the Adige River and  near the Lessini Mountains. Verona is in a strategic geographical  location as it is at the crossroads be (MORE)