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What is a congressional medal?

A Congressional Gold Medal is an award bestowed by the United States Congress and is, along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United St (MORE)
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What is congressional turnover?

Congressional turnover is the percentage of congressmen that are  removed from their position after their term is up. For example  early in our nation's history congressiona (MORE)

What are the importance of incumbency in congressional elections?

Incumbency in congressional elections is important in order for the majority party to maintain control over either the Congress or House of Representatives. Incumbency has its (MORE)

Redistricting congressional districts is performed by?

Redistricting, a form of redistribution, is the process of drawing United States district lines. This often means changing electoral district and community boundaries in respo (MORE)

Why are subcommittees important?

Subcommittees in the United States Congress are all specialized for a certain issue, so members of subcommittees are well-versed in the area their subcommittee is assigned to. (MORE)

What do subcommittees do?

Subcommittees consider and report bills. They oversee laws and programs on specific matters and then report them back to the full committee.
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What is a congressional override of a presidential veto?

  The idea of checks and balances comes to play in this issue. The house that originally passes the bill just needs a simple majority to have it go to the executive branch (MORE)