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What is congressional elaboration?

  the process by which Congress makes informal changes to the Constitution. a feature of the constitution that makes it unnecessary for the constitution to be formally ame (MORE)

Why are subcommittees important?

Subcommittees in the United States Congress are all specialized for a certain issue, so members of subcommittees are well-versed in the area their subcommittee is assigned to. (MORE)

What do subcommittees do?

Subcommittees consider and report bills. They oversee laws and programs on specific matters and then report them back to the full committee.
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When do you capitalize congressional?

Lowercase "congressional" when used as an adjective; to describe something. Example: The candidate will speak about the rigors of running a congressional campaign. Capitalize (MORE)

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Who are congressional staffers?

Congressional staffers are people who work for the US Congress.  Some congressional staffers work for individual members of  Congress.