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Is but a conjunction?

Yes, the word 'but' is one of the 7 coordinating conjuctions in the  English language. They are used to join words, phrases or clauses.  The other 6 are: for, and, nor, or, (MORE)
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What is a conjunction?

A conjunction is any conjoining, connecting artifact, or can be the  union formed by a joining or combining.   Astronomy - any apparent close approach of objects in the  (MORE)
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What is conjunction?

Conjunctions are words that join sentences or phrases together. Examples are: "He went to the parade, and he had a great time." "They did not attend the parade, but they went (MORE)

Is then a conjunction?

It can be, rarely. More often it is an adverb.   In the sentence "He picked up a suitcase, then left" the word then  is substituting for the conjunction "and" while also (MORE)

Is was a conjunction?

No, it is not a conjunction. Was is a verb or helper verb: the past  tense, first or third person singular form of the verb "to be."   am, is -> was   are ->were (MORE)

What are conjunctions?

Astronomy   A close appearance in the sky of two objects.    Part of Speech   A conjunction is a joining word that links sentences. Some examples  of conjoinin (MORE)
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What do conjunctions do?

Conjunctions connect words in compound constructions, or clauses in  sentences.   Examples:   The man and woman are married.   He ran and jumped over the fence.  (MORE)

What does a conjunction do?

A conjunction links two or more related nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, phrases, or clauses. Examples: You and I are friends. He is tall and thin. She laughed a (MORE)