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What does conjures mean?

Answer . To conjure means to bring something about by magic. It is often used casually to indicate playful disbelief at someone's actions, as in "How did you manage to con (MORE)

What does conjuring mean?

The word conjure means something like "to make something appear or happen by an unseen method" or thereabouts. The "unseen method" here is "magic" and conjuring is performing (MORE)
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A sentence with Conjure?

"Mother worked hard at the stove for several minutes before she would conjure a full dinner for each of us."

How do you conjure a demon?

You must get five black candles then draw a pentacle in human blood set the candles at the points of the star at 11:30 light he candles and sit in the center and at exactly mi (MORE)

How do you conjure a ghost?

You can perform a Seance to communicate with the ghost, which basically means you have to have the ability of Necromancy. Answer First we have to establish just what a g (MORE)
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How do you conjure genie?

Since they don't exist, you can't. In fictional stories, fictionalplays, or fictional films they rub an old lamp that looks like itwas use for carrying old burning oil.