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What does the word conjure mean?

    v., -jured, -jur·ing, -jures.   To summon (a devil or spirit) by magical or supernatural power.   To influence or effect by or as if by magic: tr (MORE)

What monsters can you conjure up in oblivion?

There's an awful lot but these should be all of them.   ancestor guardian/bear/clannfear/daedroth/dremora/dremora  lord/faded wraith/flame atronach/frost atronach/ghost/g (MORE)

How did Annabelle die in The Conjuring?

The character Annabelle is not actually in The Conjuring.  She appears as a character in some of the films that are part of  the franchise.   In Annabelle (2014), the ch (MORE)

Was the movie the conjuring based in fact?

It based on Ed Warrens version of real events. The films concept  began over 20 years prior to its release when Ed Warren played a  tape of Lorraine's Warrens original inter (MORE)