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What is a sequencing connective?

A sequencing connective is a connective you would usually use in a list or maybe some instructions, here are some sequencing connectives: next then first,second,third... (MORE)

How do you connect star delta connection?

Star and Delta is used mostly in 3 pH networks where 3 phases are 120 degrees apart. consider A1-A2,B1-B2, C1-C2 as three different wdgs or resistors. for star connection conn (MORE)

Why does delta connection have no neutral connection?

Lets compare between a star and delta connection in 3-phase power types. In a star connection, there are 6 connections (A1, B1 and C1 being the outer arms of the 3 armed star (MORE)

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How do you connect to a story?

You have to feel for the characters, and connect their emotions to yours. If you are interested in it enough, you will almost become that character. Try to find a way to rel (MORE)
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What are interdisciplinary connections?

The studies that cross the boundaries of two or more distinct  disciplines are known as interdisciplinary connections. For example  , music and mathematics, arts and biology (MORE)

How do you connect with aliens?

Well, right know humans have been unable to do so with intelligent life forms, or at least show it to the rest of the world. However lots of methods have been tried to be put (MORE)
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Where is the stirrup connected?

As far as I know, the stirrups have always been connected to the bottom of a riding saddle, by means of straps. Of course, you could be referring to one of the ossicles, the (MORE)