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How did the phrase conniption fit originate?

Conniption is from an old English word, 'canapshus' meaning rage orill tempered. When put together with the English word fit, it wouldrefer to a fit of rage or a fit of anger. ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the word conniption?

The origins of the word conniption, which appeared in usage in the 1830s, are cloudy and several theories have taken root into possible origins of the word: 1) Conniption i ( Full Answer )
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Who is margaret Mitchell and what were the conniptions to the civil war?

She was the author of 'Gone with the Wind', the classic romance of the Civil War. Mitchell was an only child, who grew up surrounded by many older relatives who had lived thr ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural spelling of conniption?

The plural of conniption is spelled "conniptions". Conniption is an American and Canadian slang word, meaning a fit of rage, alarm or hysteria. It is rarely, if ever, heard ( Full Answer )