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What is connotation?

The thoughts and feelings associated with a word. Language Connotation is the tone or emotional association thata word has. It can be negative or positive, but is us (MORE)
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What is a connotation?

A word often had two meanings: its denotation refers to itsdictionary meaning. But its connotation is the understood orimplied meaning of the word, containing the emotions and (MORE)

What is a neutral connotation?

A connotation is the perception by the reader or listener(emotional or otherwise) that can be evoked by the use of specificwords. A neutral connotation is one that has nei (MORE)

What is connotations?

A connotation is your emotions to a word. For example, murder. When we think of murder, we think of it as a bad thing, so it has a negative connotaion.
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What is connotating?

connotation; implied meaning, therefore connotating means "implying". For example, "With their blazer lapels so heavily impaled with merit pins - debating, swimming, drama - t (MORE)

A word's connotation is its what?

Associative or Symbolic Meaning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A connotation of a word is a concept, meaning or idea suggested by, or associated with, that word in addition to its (MORE)

What is a connotative verb?

Connotation is an implied meaning in addition to a literal meaningcalled a denotation. All words (verbs or other parts of speech)have a denotation, and many also have a connot (MORE)
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What is the connotation of terse?

Brief or short with a slightly negative or rude connotation to the behavior when speaking to another person ex: she was dismissed with a terse explanation.

What is a formal connotation?

A formal connotation is an association, primarily among words and phrases within a language, with how one acts around a figure of authority or someone else warranting respect, (MORE)