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What is the definition of connotation?

The definition of connotations is that which is implied by a word in addition to its literal or primary meaning.    Connotation is the feeling a certain word or phrase ma (MORE)

What is the connotation of a cheetah?

has a good and bad meaning,the good is that a cheetah is a fast  beautiful creature.the bad is it is a carnivore that hunts and also will kill humans if it feels t (MORE)

What is the synonym for connotation?

Connotation:  noun:   a. a secondary meaning or implication of a word or expression, in addition to its primary meaning; idea or notion suggested by or associated with a (MORE)
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Connotations for mansion?

The word "mansion" carries several connotations. The word suggests  a large dwelling, richly appointed and located in an exclusive  area, inhabited by people of wealth in a (MORE)

What is neutral connotation?

Connotation refers to the feeling associated with a word, aside  from its dictionary definition. A word with a neutral connotation  gives neither a positive nor a negative f (MORE)