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Who were the Conquistadors?

The conquistadors were Spanish soldiers, explorers, and  adventurers. They sailed beyond Europe to Asia and the Americas  where they opened trade routes and conquered territ (MORE)

What is a conquistador?

Spanish for "conquerors", the name is applied to the Spaniards who came to Mexico and Peru in the 16th century : treasure-hunting soldiers and explorers in the New World. conq (MORE)

What did a conquistador do?

They are Spanish explorers in 1500s who captured the Aztecs Mayans and other Mexican natives. They search for gold and turned brutally treated any one they crossed no form Eur (MORE)

Was it easy to be a conquistador?

Not really, because it was difficult to go to places that are risky. Many died from their trip and many survived. Some people are also famous from discovering new things. All (MORE)