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What is conscription?

Conscription is the forced enlistment of citizens of a country to fight for their country. In Britain and some other countries conscription means compulsory military serv (MORE)

Who liked conscription and who was against conscription?

hello :] the smart azz who wrote hello ... fcuk u i needed it for work so go fcuk ur self Groups supporting Conscription Liberal opposition in house of reps and se (MORE)

How was conscription abolished?

Germany had conscription during WW1, but the Paris Peace Treaty forbid it. Later it was returned and is still used today. In Canada the people didn't like conscription adn the (MORE)

Advantages of conscription?

Through conscription, your armed forces would obtain far times many more men than in a volunteer service, as you are forced to join through a conscription.

Where was conscription?

Conscription is the required service of citizens in the military.It is often called the draft. Several nations still haveconscription such as South Korea and Thailand.
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What is the meaning of conscript?

A person who is compelled to serve, usually in a military force.Some nations with conscription offer civil service as analternative to military service.