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What is dynamic conservatism?

Answer . "Dynamic Conservation" was Eisenhower's economic philosophy which favored a continuation of the chief New Deal programs combined with an attempt to move the federa (MORE)
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What is conservatism?

Conservatism, generally speaking, is a political ideology that advocates for limited government, a strong national defense, and free-market economics. Conservatives tend to em (MORE)
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What is social conservatism?

Social conservatives believe in what is commonly associated withfamily values and traditions, and seek to protect those valuesthrough legislation. In the US, they are usually (MORE)
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What caused conservatism?

Nothing "caused" conservatism. There have always been two political views since the start of America.
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What is the Principle of Conservatism?

This doctrine provides for caution or playing safe. The essence is "to anticipate no profits and provide for all losses".
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What is Reactionary conservatism?

a reactionary conservatist is an extreme conservatist who does not accept change but rather decides to maintain the status quo,that is, he keeps things the way they are
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What are conservatism?

Conservatism is when the government doesn't like/want change and their is maximum government interference in your day to day life
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What is pure conservatism?

Standing for lower taxes, less government interference, and a rule of law that upholds justice and a moral code.
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What is cognitive conservatism?

Cognitive conservatism is a psychological phenomena whereby it isharder to change a belief once you have it. This gets more severeas you get older.