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What is conservation?

It is the protection, preservation and carefulmanagement of natural resources. And in Physics case the 'conservation of momentum' is an objects stopping distance, in proporti ( Full Answer )
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What is a conservative?

A conservative is someone typically associated with the right-wing of the political spectrum. In the United States, for example, the Republican Party bases its platform on con ( Full Answer )
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How do you be conservative? okay mark levin is a really awesome conservative talk radio guy. you should listen to him and glenn beck and rush. Their all on Talk Radi ( Full Answer )
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What is conserve?

When you conserve your trying to protect something. It is a way ofmaintaining, or keeping what you have without getting more.
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What does conservation do?

Conserving resources enables them to be used longer, instead ofbeing used up all at once. Conserving is also good for theenvironment, such as when water or electricity is cons ( Full Answer )
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How can you conserve?

To conserve means to save and use only as much of a resources asneeded. Many people are learning to conserve to save money and theplanet.
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What can the conservatives do for you?

in the USA: if you're a conservative politician then help you into office and that politician (if he was really conservative) will try to lower your taxes and stop governm ( Full Answer )
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Once a conservative are always conservative?

if you mean "Once you are a conservative are you always a conservative?" then no, conservatives will not force you into any 1 belief, if you find something doesn't fit right i ( Full Answer )
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What is water conservation and how can you conserve water?

Water conservation is done by using less water in day by drip irrigation in the field and doing recycling of the water and drink as less water water as you can manage in a day ( Full Answer )