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How is mass conserved?

If your talking about how is mass conserved in a cup of tea then just because the sugar is dissolved it does not mean that it is has gone away. The particles have just broken (MORE)

Who is a conserved person?

A conserved person is one who usually keeps to his or her self.  Conserved person may also be a little on the shy side and may hold  traditional values in high esteem.

What is plant conservation?

plant conservation is nessary for the whole world. It is about planting new trees , not destroying the forests and plants and cutting trees. Now because the world is full of p (MORE)

What is conservative cooking?

Conservative cooking is the method of cooking recommended for  vegetables. Vitamins are conserved, or retained, because very  little water is used.
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Why are the conservatives called the conservatives?

in the US: its because they wish that American values, morals, and principles would return to what it was supposed to be when our founders founded the US not just politically (MORE)

What is conservation?

It is the protection, preservation and carefulmanagement of natural resources. And in Physics case the 'conservation of momentum' is an objects stopping distance, in proporti (MORE)
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What can you do to conserve energy?

  You can perform reversible Work: stretching a spring - you can look at some old watches and see the mechanism. you can put electric current into a Capacitor.
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Why is nature conserved?

  Nature is the greatest gift that God has given us.   Nature gives us,-food,shelter,lumber,and many more important things.If nature is damaged,it is very possible that (MORE)