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What is the lions conservation?

The lions conservation is that they are endangered!! We need to help these animals from becoming extinct.The beautiful large cats contribute to our lives by keeping zebras and (MORE)
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How can flora be conserved?

Flora is basically the plant life that is present in a particular region or habitat or at a particular time and fauna is the animal life that is present in a particular region (MORE)
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What is semi-conservative?

Refers to semi-conservative replication of DNA. One strand of the old DNA is used as a template to replicate the other, new, strand of DNA. Thus you have four from two, but tw (MORE)

What is environment conservation?

  It means to protect the environment. Pollution, cutting down trees, misusing resources, etc has an adverse impact on the environment. In turn we suffer due to it. Things (MORE)

What is an economic conservative?

An economic conservative is one who believes that the government should have a limited role in the economy. For example, an economic conservative would be against laws which r (MORE)

How can you conserve trees?

according to me we can conserve trees by spreading awareness among people as what can happen if trees are cut without being cared can also plant trees after it has been cut tr (MORE)
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Why are the conservatives called the conservatives?

in the US: its because they wish that American values, morals, and principles would return to what it was supposed to be when our founders founded the US not just politically (MORE)

What is conservation?

It is the protection, preservation and carefulmanagement of natural resources. And in Physics case the 'conservation of momentum' is an objects stopping distance, in proporti (MORE)

What is modern conservation?

Modern conservation consists of following actions that protect  land, wildlife, and the environment. The guidelines include  recycling, following instructions for saving ene (MORE)