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What is considered to be meat?

Google define says it's "the flesh of animals (including fish and birds and snails) used as food" Answer meat is the layer under an animals flesh Answer Meat is genera ( Full Answer )
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What is considered a base?

A base is any solution with a pH greater than 7 (pure water). Bases are slippery, bitter, and include things such as soaps, eggs, and blood.
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What does Consider mean I consider you are my girlfriend?

con⋅sid⋅er -verb (used with object) 1. to think carefully about, esp. in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on: He considered the cost before buying the ( Full Answer )
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Is the considered an adjective?

No, it is more technically a type of determiner. The three words a,an, the are called articles .
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Why we should consider you?

Because I'm hardworking, a good time keeper and I always wear deodorant. Don't say anything about money.... That's why everyone needs a job or else you wouldn't be looking ( Full Answer )
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Who is considered to be a Muslim?

Someone who follows the five pillars of Islam-if you don't do this, you are not considered a Muslim. Similarly, there are some things that if you do them, you are not followin ( Full Answer )
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What is a hacker considered to be?

a hacker is a person trying to brake in to a computer or websiteand destroy somthing from a website doing bad things like puting ina viris down loading and many more
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Is considered an adjective?

It can be, as in a considered opinion. The word is the past tense and past participle of the verb (toconsider) and may be used as an adjective. This has a separatemeaning from ( Full Answer )
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What is considered an accent?

An accent is basically the sound of a particular word that is said (taken from my Sociolinguistics textbook). Apparently, everyone has an accent. . \n