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What is consideration?

consideration is like accpetting/thinking about something that someone asked you like going out with them are going to a party and anything that you think this word means in y (MORE)

Why a past consideration is not a good consideration?

Do you mean consideration for contract formation? To have a bargain, you have to be willing to give something up. For example, if we had a contract for the purchase of your ca (MORE)

What is consideration and its condition?

That something of value is offered - that the offer is accepted - and THAT IT ACTUALLY PASSES HANDS. Without all three condition being met there is NOT a valid contract.
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Is considerably an adverb?

Yes; if the "ly" ending didn't give it away, it's used to modify adjectives: considerably larger, considerably cheaper, etc. "Considerably" is an adverb.
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Why past consideration is not good consideration?

Past consideration is not good consideration because it is not contingent on the responding consideration. For example, suppose I gave you $20 on Tuesday as a gift. And then (MORE)

Can you have an example of consideration?

Consideration is something of value and it is an essential part of a contract. Without consideration there is no contract. An agreement is not enforceable unless there is some (MORE)
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What is the adverb for consideration?

The noun consideration is related to the verb consider and theadjectives considerate and considerable. These have the adverbforms considerately (in a manner showing consider (MORE)
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Are you considerate companion?

A considerate companion is crucial to a good relationship. Companions can be there for support, advice and partnership. These qualities can help strengthen an existing relat (MORE)