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What is the definition of consideration?

 Careful thought; deliberation: We will give your proposal  consideration.  A result of considering; an opinion or a judgment: Is it  your consideration that I should app (MORE)

What does consideration mean?

It means to think about something. When you take something into consideration, it means you will think about about it, before coming up with an answer. You think about somethi (MORE)

Why past consideration is not good consideration?

Past consideration is not good consideration because it is not contingent on the responding consideration. For example, suppose I gave you $20 on Tuesday as a gift. And then (MORE)
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Types of consideration?

The two types of consideration are executory and executed  consideration. Executor consideration happens when promise to  perform the act is in the future. On the other hand (MORE)

What is the meaning of consideration?

Consideration:   the act of considering; careful thought; meditation; deliberation: I will give your project full consideration.  something that is or is to be kept in min (MORE)

Sufficiency of consideration?

Sufficiency of consideration is a rule that applies to businesses  who file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Under this rule, all parties  involved must offer something with legal val (MORE)

Rules of consideration?

To meet the legal requirements for consideration there must be  three components. There must be a bargain or contract, an exchange  and the exchange must be of value to each (MORE)
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What is the adverb for consideration?

The noun consideration is related to the verb consider and the  adjectives considerate and considerable. These have the adverb  forms considerately (in a manner showing cons (MORE)

What is concept of consideration?

consideration is the essence of a contract . when there is no consideration then contract is invalid . also the consideration should be legal .consideration should be from bot (MORE)
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Are you considerate companion?

A considerate companion is crucial to a good relationship. Companions can be there for support, advice and partnership. These qualities can help strengthen an existing relat (MORE)