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Can you play PS3 games on Wii consoles?

No dude. You seriuosly have your facts wrong. Not only is the wii so much less powerful than the PS3 the two companies would need to have some sort of a deal. Which they dont (MORE)

Will games written for PS1 play on a PS2 console?

PS1 to PS2 Games     games for a PS1 will work on a PS2 but will not be any better quality, and games for a PS2 will not work on a PS1     Answer     (MORE)

Can you play ps2 games on a PS3 80 GB console?

Of course you can. All three types of ps3's support PS and ps2 games. Why wouldn't it? This is a myth you do not determine the backward compatibility by harddrive size. (MORE)

Can you play console games on a PC?

no you cant but you can buy a computer version of the game normally the guy who said this above probable doesn't know about emulators are computer versions of gaming console (MORE)

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