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Why was Constantine the Great so famous?

Constantine the Great was famous because he was the first Christian emperor of Rome. It was he who influenced the change in faith from the old gods to Christianity in Rome. Th (MORE)

Did Constantine the great do any bad deeds?

He had his son Crispus and his wife Fausta (Crispus' step mother) murdered because he heard a rumour that the two were involved in a sexual relationship. He did not bother to (MORE)

Did Constantine the Great have an education?

Yes, he did. Constantine was brought up at the court of the emperor  Diocletian, where he received a formal education. He learnt the  subjects Roman elite children studied: (MORE)

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What was the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Constantine the great?

Constantine was a Roman. His ethnic and cultural background was Roman. Constantine the Great's father was Constantius, a Roman military commander from Dardania, an area in p (MORE)

Why did Constantine the great divorce his wife?

Constantine divorced Minervina to make an alliance with Maximian, the former senior emperor (Augustus) who came out of retirement. Maximian marry offered Constantine to marry (MORE)