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When was Constantinople founded?

Constantinople was originally a town called Byzantium. It was founded at some time around 665 BC. When Emperor Constantine I became Emperor, he decided the city of Rome had to (MORE)

When was constantinople captured?

During the Middle Ages, Constantinople was captured three times. It fell to crusaders of the Fourth Crusade in 1203. In 1261, the Byzantine Greeks retook the city and reestabl (MORE)
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Did Constantinople change its name to Byzantium?

the town was originally a Greek speaking town called Byzantium. When the roman emperor Constantine decided to relocate his capital there and he renamed it Constantinopolis. C (MORE)

10 verbs in a word constantinople?

10 Verbal words for the word "CONSTANTINOPLE" Sit Stop clean lie sin tie let set split slip
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What were the geographic advantages of Constantinoples location?

First of all, Constantinople was in a natural cross road for land and sea trade routes. Second, Constantinople was on a peninsula, so it was very easy to defend. Finally, Cons (MORE)

Why was constantinople captured?

They were being attacked from all sides at once, fighting German tribes, Turks, and many other groups and losing cities, one after another. When Constantinople needed help fro (MORE)

What factors contributed to the fall of constantinople?

It was a disease that resembled what we know as the bubonic plague. This horrifying illness hit constantinople in the later years of justinian's reign. This probably arrived f (MORE)

What happened to Constantinople in 1453?

It was defeated It was conquered in a siege by the ottoman turks. They had 80,000 soldiers to Byzantines 8,000-ish, I don't know for sure but it was less than 10,000. The bes (MORE)

What does Rome have to do with Constantinople?

Constantinople was in East Roman territory and was known as the city of Byzantium, and but was reinvigorated and reestablished by the Roman emperor Constantine, as his namesak (MORE)