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What is the constitutional basis for the reserved powers?

The reserved powers clause is just another name for the 10th  Amendment to the Constitution. It states that "the powers not  delegated to the United States by the Constituti (MORE)

What are the basis in choosing political candidates?

Minimum education level, broad basic knowledge of constitution,its  history,law, and public administration ,honesty and purity in his  personal life etc. and he must know wh (MORE)

The constitutional basis for the nationalization of the Bill of Rights is?

The 14th Amendment. Incorporation - the process by which court decisions have required the states to follow parts of the Bill of Rights based on the use or application of the (MORE)

What is the constitutional basis for the right to privacy?

It is controversial whether or not there is a constitutional right to privacy. Those who believe that there is no right to privacy reason that the right to privacy is not spec (MORE)

Who refuses military service on the basis of religion?

Jehovah's Witnesses do, and so do some, not all, Mennonites.. A Conscientious Objector can be any religion. They have to show a strong background in faith.
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