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What is the constitutional basis for the reserved powers?

The reserved powers clause is just another name for the 10th  Amendment to the Constitution. It states that "the powers not  delegated to the United States by the Constituti (MORE)

The constitutional basis for the nationalization of the Bill of Rights is?

The 14th Amendment. Incorporation - the process by which court decisions have required the states to follow parts of the Bill of Rights based on the use or application of the (MORE)

If you join the military do you go to war?

Not necessarily. If join the the reserves or national guard, you are more likely to stay in the states and support your base. There are chances you might go to war depending o (MORE)

How does nationalism constitute military ideology?

  Answer   Nationalism does not always constitute a military ideology although it does it is very often an integral part of an military ideology. Nationalism, if acc (MORE)

Who sends the US military to war?

Congress is supposed to declare war. But, in recent years there  have been many "Conflicts" where the US does not declare was  against any country, but just sends soldiers w (MORE)