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What is constrained Economic dispatch?

Constrained economic dispatch is the operation of generating facilities to produce energy at the lowest cost to the consumer while recognizing any operational limits of genera (MORE)
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What is constrained captivity?

Something that is constrained is highly or severely restricted.Something in captivity is confined. Constrained captivity isbasically highly restricted confinement. Prison woul (MORE)
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Who constrained the power of kings and nobles?

Answer: No one really. The church did to some extent, but in the late middle ages the kings began to ignore the Popes and go against the church teachings. Answer: The Ch (MORE)
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What is the plural of constrain?

Constrain is a verb.The corresponding verb is constraint , the plural of which is constraints.
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How does Singapore overcame her water constrain?

There is an ongoing contract with her neighbour Malaysia (which is, however, due to expire soon) from which Singapore gets her clean water. There is also development of wat (MORE)
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What is successfully constrained motion?

Type your answer here...When the motion between the elements,forming a pair is such that the constrained motion is not completed by itself,but by some other means,then the mot (MORE)
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What is the definition of constrain?

Severely restrict the scope, extent, or activity of. . Compel or force (someone) toward a particular course of action. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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What does the word constrained mean?

The word constrained carries a meaning of being limited from expressing one's self truly. Being constrained is synonymous with being in a repressed state of emotion or action. (MORE)