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How do you use the word construe in a sentence?

Construe: to explain; interpret I struggled to construe the emotion her eyes held, but her dark sunglasses made interpreting her emotions impossible. It is difficult ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with construed?

In court he cried self-defense, but the jury took one look at his 300-pound bodybuilder's frame against pictures of the victim's battered and broken 160-pound body, and const ( Full Answer )
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Can you put the word construe in a sentence?

Movies and books I can understand, but I don't know how to construe meaning out of paintings and photographs. It was impossible to construe any emotion behind the big bla ( Full Answer )
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What does Your silence is construed as approval mean?

It means that if you don't speak up against something then it's okay with you- like watching someone get bullied, or your government going to war, or fat cats getting bailouts ( Full Answer )
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How do you use construed in a sentence?

(construed - inferred, saw as) The mayor construed the council's vote as political maneuvering before the election. The professor had evidently construed my question as a c ( Full Answer )
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What year did the constru stion of the Titanic begin?

Her keel was first laid down on the last day of March 1909, although she took two years to build and was not launched until the end of May 1911. Her fitting-out took a further ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean in a deed that states 'title to the property should not be a merged with the lien of the aforesaid mortgage and this conveyance should not be so construed'?

Some form of that phrasing is used in deeds in lieu of foreclosure and deeds from a mortgagor to the bank (to avoid foreclosure) in order for the bank to be able to preserve ( Full Answer )