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What do owls consume?

It depends on the type of owl, location, and what prey is availible. Most owls eat rodents like moles, voles, mice, and rats. Some of the bigger owls will eat foxes,rabbits, a (MORE)

What is consumer awareness?

Anyone who consumes goods is a consumer. Consumers get exploited in  the market. They respond to advertisements and buy goods. Generally  advertisements do not give all the (MORE)

What is a consumer?

An consumer is an organism that eats producers.   A consumer is also the animal decomposers eat.
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How Much Time Do You Have Left Until You Give Birth?

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What are consumers?

The term Consumer has two meanings:    In  terms of biology: A consumer is an organism that eats or absorbs  food from an external source.   Consumers are also ca (MORE)

What is consumable?

Consumables can be defined as goods that are used by individuals  and corporations that must be replaced. It can also be defined as  the commodities that are intended to be (MORE)