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What are objectives of consumerism?

1. To restore the balance between buyer seller realations in the mkt.2.To protect and promote consumer citizen interests to safeguard consumers rights.3.To prevent consumer ex (MORE)
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What is Pressure groups and consumerism?

Are groups of people who share same interests in a business or product, these groups can persuade or force businesses to make changes to their products or services. These pres (MORE)

How is consumerism important?

Consumerism is important because it creates jobs. If people stopped buying things, then employees would have to be laid off. Also, a recent study shows that the richest 20% co (MORE)

What is consumerism?

Answer   Consumerism can be defined as a social movement seeking to augment the right of buyers in relation to seller. there are four main rights in consumerism: - righ (MORE)

What does ethical consumerism mean?

It is a way of purchasing products and services in a way to  minimise social or environmental damage. This would mean purchasing  Fairtrade products from agriculture and sus (MORE)

Is consumerism a sin?

Gee, this is a hard question to answer. All I know is Jesus and His followers were Communists; Acts 4:32 And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one s (MORE)