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What is contact?

The definition for contact is to communicate with someone toreceive or give information or a meeting. Contact can also meanphysical touching.
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What is contacts?

\n. \nContacts are things u put on our eyes to help you see better i use them and they dont hurt. Remember if you cant see right you need to see your aye doctor
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How do you get your contacts out?

well if you have contacts then your optometrist should have showed you a video and taught you how to do it. if you haven't then i would suggest looking a how to video on youtu (MORE)
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What are contact and and non-contact forces?

Contact Forces are those forces that occur do to a physical interaction between two objects where the objects touch each other. an example is the frictional force that occurs (MORE)

What is indirect contact and direct contact?

I'm not exactly sure but my guess would be that directly contacting someone would mean communicating with someone (or something) while the other person can hear or see you, or (MORE)
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What are contact forces and which forces are contact?

Contact forces are forces that can only have an effect on objects that they touch, such as when you contact a box and apply force to move it. you might apply a contact force t (MORE)