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Where can you buy contacts?

I usually buy them online like It's cheaper and easier. There are a lot of online shop out there all you have to do is search. Another way to o (MORE)
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How do you contact

you don't, it's a scam. all you can do is cancel the card you signed up with and start a dispute through your bank to get back whatever money they took.
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How do you get in contact with Neyo?

well if you use common sense you can get contact with him bye calling or going to his house where he live.
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How do you get your contacts out?

well if you have contacts then your optometrist should have showed you a video and taught you how to do it. if you haven't then i would suggest looking a how to video on youtu (MORE)
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How can you contact a ghost?

There are a number of ways in which you can contact ghosts . It really depends on what is the purpose for contacting ghosts or spirit as i like to call them.   If you have (MORE)
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How can you contact Contact Lens Direct?

Contacts Direct carries the most popular brands and has an inventory of more than 1 million lenses, providing many options to fulfill the eyecare needs of you and your covered (MORE)
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What do with your contacts you if you have no contact solution?

Put them in clean water, but be sure to soak them in solution before putting them in your eyes again. This is important because the solution kills germs but water does not. It (MORE)

How do you contact Lucasfilms?

Lucas Films can be contacted by mail at P.O. Box 29901, San  Francisco, CA 94129-0901. Lucas Films does not accept unsolicited  submissions of product, artwork, story idea, (MORE)
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Do contacts hurts?

I promise you they do not. But I have soft lens contacts and they dont hurt. I got mine in a few days ago and once they were in, I didn't feel them. They are not hard to put i (MORE)