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What is cryptic contamination?

A cryptic contamination is a possible result of using antibiotics in a cell culture. Some microorganisms like mycoplasma are resistant to antibiotics and will still grow slowl (MORE)
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What is cros-contamination?

a cross contamination is the transferring of bacteria from one substance to another. or the spreading of the bacteria between food.

What is food contamination?

Food contamination is when something makes the food inedible or can cause illness when consumed. Contamination can be   # Biological (bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc.) (MORE)

What is direct contamination?

Direct contamination is the process of directly contaminating something. An example of this would be raw chicken that is sitting against fresh lettuce. The chicken directly co (MORE)

What is groundwater contamination?

groundwater is water found below the ground. In many countries such as the UK, Nambia and Bangladesh, groundwater is a major water source for the population. Contamination of (MORE)

Cross contamination is?

noun: cross-contamination       the process by which bacteria or other microorganisms are  unintentionally transferred from one substance or object to  another, (MORE)