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How does water get contaminated?

Mostly by putting too much fertilizer in your yard, then watering it takes those chemicals into tiny streams of water to your nearest water supply (lakes, rivers, large ponds) (MORE)
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How is DNA contaminated?

DNA contamination is an important issue in a criminal laboratory,  because it can impact the outcome of a case in ways which can send  innocent people to jail or set free so (MORE)

What is criterion contamination?

Criterion contamination exists whenever nonperformance factors influence the job performance scores assigned to individuals. These nonperformance factors can take the form of (MORE)

Can sushi be contaminated?

Sushi, especially the raw fish in sashimi, can be easily contaminated. Sushi restaurants have to follow strict ordinances for food safety to prevent this. You don't have to wo (MORE)

What is contamination refers to as?

When preparing or cooking food contamination refers to the introduction of some unwanted substance (chemical, biological, animal or germs etc.) into what is being prepared.
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