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What is contemporary fit?

Cotemporary fit is a fit which lies in between Classic and Slim fit. Its comfortable yet not loose like a classic fit and has ease for body movements unlike a slim fit...

What is contemporary jazz dance?

Well... Contemporary Jazz is pretty much Jazz Lyrical. It is modern (contemporary) dance with some jazz in the mix. It is usually to soft or medium soft music and the choreogr (MORE)

Why did Isadora duncan invent contemporary dance?

  She invented contemporary dacne because classical ballet wasnt slef expressed enough, and she fought that it need more soul and so she made contemporary, which is how da (MORE)
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What are some contemporary dance moves?

There are alot of moves,but contemporary is about using emotions  and feelings to make up the moves.You can incorperate different  dance styles and make there moves your own (MORE)

What is difference between contemporary and hip-hop dance?

contemporary is more flowing, more natural to the body, it is really just a name for all other types of dance that don't have a category for themselves. Hip-hop has a higher, (MORE)

Why did contemporary dance evolve?

Contemporary was evolved because dancers wanted to get away from the rigid formations. It is called contemporary dance because if you have a look at ballet it is all turnouts (MORE)