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What is contemporary furniture?

Contemporary home and garden furniture is an innovative furniture; a furniture that has a new style, different from the old trend one. In this context, by "contemporary" peopl (MORE)

What is contemporary period?

The phrase contemporary period is a time in history that was  without any intervening time close to the present day. This term  has been used since the 19th century.

What does contemporary mean?

Contemporary means "at the same time as", being constructed from the prefix "con-" meaning together and "tempus" meaning time. Your contemporaries are the people who are alive (MORE)

What is the definition of contemporary?

Contemporary means 'present day', or reasonably close. Two individuals are sometimes called contemporaries, meaning that their lives overlapped significantly. The term could b (MORE)
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What is a contemporary setting?

Contemporary means existing or occurring. Setting is when and where something takes place. A Contemporary Setting would be an existing place or time period.

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