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What is contempt?

willful disobedience to or open disrespect for the rules or orders of a court (contempt of court) or legislative body
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What is contempt of court?

Contempt of court is a tool for a judge to force compliance withthe judge's wish.
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What does contempt mean?

Contempt is the belief that a person or a thing is beneathconsideration, worthless or deserving scorn. The commonwealth ofbeing despised, dishonored and shamed. The legal term ( Full Answer )
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Contempt in a sentence?

After their toxic relationship ended, the few glimpses that he WOULD grant her with were filled with contempt, making her wish she could turn invisible on the spot.
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How do you defend contempt?

You can't defend contempt of court. It's the judges discretion, anyway, you'll either spend the night in jail, or have to pay a fine. It's nothing.
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Is contempt an emotion?

Yes, because feeling contempt requires a conscious thought of lack of love towards a person, and since love is an emotion, so also is lack of love.
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Is there a Sentence of contemptible?

Why yes, there certainly is and I find it contemptible when someone answers such a question with a rude remark.
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What is contempt as an adjective?

The noun contempt actually leads to two different adjectives. Contemptible, which means deserving of contempt, and contemptuous, which means feeling contempt.
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What is a order of contempt?

Steven H. Gifis, in his book "LAW DICTIONARY" , defines "contempt of court" as "an act or omission tending to obstruct or interfere with the orderly administration of justi ( Full Answer )
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What is adjective of contempt?

contempt in law disobedience of disrespectful or disorderly conduct in the presence of any court or legistalive body