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What does contentious mean?

According to the Oxford Compact English Dictionary contentious, an adjective, means: 1 causing or likely to cause disagreement or controversy (Example: "A central and contenti (MORE)

What is a contentious divorce?

A contentious divorce is the cause of disagreement or controversy or provoking an argument and also the law relating to involving differences between contending parties (examp (MORE)

Sentence with contentious?

"Contentious" refers to something that causes a fight or argument.  An example of "contentious" in a sentence might be, "Bob brought up  the contentious subject of abortion, (MORE)

How do you use the word contentious in a sentence?

The topic of babies and parenting is a contentious one for them, as they tried to have children for several years. She doesn't mean to be contentious, but she has strong opi (MORE)