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What does contentious mean?

According to the Oxford Compact English Dictionary contentious , an adjective, means: 1 causing or likely to cause disagreement or controversy (Example: "A central and cont (MORE)
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What is contentious probate?

\n. \nBusiness is assigned to the Chancery division by the Supreme court and the County court has jurisdiction where the estate does not exceed thirty thousand pounds\n. \n (MORE)

Sentence with contentious?

"Contentious" refers to something that causes a fight or argument.An example of "contentious" in a sentence might be, "Bob brought upthe contentious subject of abortion, even (MORE)

Contentious in a sentence?

Contentious is a word used to describe something that will mostlikely cause an argument. A good sentence would be, they startedtalking about a contentious issue.

What is a contentious objector?

A conscientious objector is a person who disapproves of militaryforce on moral grounds. Objectors are often allowed to foregomilitary service during a draft. They are sometime (MORE)

What is 'contenti' in English?

The stretched things is one possible English equivalent of 'contenti'. The satisfied people is another equivalent. The eager people is still another equivalent. The Latin (MORE)
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What is a contentious divorce?

A contentious divorce is the cause of disagreement or controversy or provoking an argument and also the law relating to involving differences between contending parties (examp (MORE)
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What contentient is Jamaica?

People and most books say Jamaica is part of North America , But I don't believe so , it is Central America or the Caribbean

What is a contentious bill?

The word 'contentious' means that is the subject of dispute and the word 'bill" could be referring to legislation introduced to enact a new law.